Stranglmartin's self-titled album cover.  Bill Bruening, David Butler, and Martin Shearer. Stranglmartin Back Cover Stranglmartin's Wiregrass Album Cover. Wiregrass Back Cover. The Wiregrass Album Insert. Stranglmartin's Arguement Album Cover. Arguement Back Cover. The Arguement Album Insert. The Wrocklage.  Perhaps the coolest place in the world. Cover for the first Stranglmartin demo tape. The cover for Stranglmartin's live album. The insert for Stranglmartin's live album. The cover of the Bigger Than You compilation. stranglmartin,stranglemartin,strangle,martin, bruening,bill,supadope,david,butler,martin,shearer,wrocklage,alternative,music, lexington,louisville,kentucky,band,bass,mp3,free,acoustic